In December 2011, Astrid van der Looij developed and executed an assessment center for SNV Netherlands Development Organization in Guinea Bissau. The goal was an increased view and understanding of the capacities of the advisory staff. Astrid’s’ work was much appreciated and her individual reports were practical and well usable. All participants of the assessment center recognized themselves without any hesitation in the described profile of themselves.
Niko Pater | Director SNV Mali & Guinea-Bissau |

Astrid is a very helpful and generous person, ready to share her knowledge and experience. She trained some of our employees in the Assessment Centre Method (AC) and we gained experience in using the method and its tools. We did not have a formal contract and Astrid offered her services for free to us. Her efforts to bring together HR professionals in Mongolia showed that her ultimate goal was to help and improve Mongolian HR professionals in making a strategic contribution to Mongolian businesses. Astrid demonstrated the highest level of professionalism in all of her dealings during our work with MSM Ltd and in other work-related encounters. She showed deep sensitivity and respect for the people and the culture of Mongolia. I have no hesitation in recommending her highly.
Jadambaa Selenge | CEO HumanFortis Co.,Ltd |Ulan Bator | Mongolia

In her contributions to the board discussions, Astrid combines an HR-, people focused approach with a very clear business attitude and understanding. With her experience in many different countries she has a good overview of HR as a whole, and has quickly incorporated the Australian reality into her expertise. During an ‘inspection’ visit of our Dutch funding body, the school was praised for its’ professionalism in this area', mainly thanks to Astrid’s input. Her overall understanding of how an organization should be run in order to be effective is excellent. If you were to ask me how Astrid compares with others in the HR executives and consultants group, I would rate her very highly. With her HR background, she has brought a highly valued perspective to the board.
Jankees van der Have | Former Chairman Board Duyfkenschool Foundation | Brisbane | Australia

As Director of SNV Kenya and Sudan, I worked directly with Astrid between July 2005 and December 2006. During that time, she spearheaded an initiative to bring our teams across the region up to standard with respect to competency benchmarks. She epitomized an HR professional that not only did the needful in terms of work force planning, recruitment, appraisal management, career-pathing and contract management, but also ensured that team quality and mindset were grounded in excellence. When she left us, I felt the absence of her quality enhancing focus. Astrid is, in my opinion, a unique player in the HR field in that she transcends procedure to embrace purpose. I commend her highly.
Stuart Worsley | Head of Development Partnerships for Livestock and Fish at International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) | Nairobi | Kenya.

SNV being a learning and knowledge based organization, Astrid played a central role in developing and coordinating the management development program which was very much appreciated by all in the organization. Astrid is a pleasant colleague to work with, she is open to learning and reflection, and this contributes much to developing her own capability and that of her team. I strongly recommend her to any organization to engage her in strategic human resources related roles or positions.
Worku Behonegne|Regional Director East & Southern Africa, SNV Netherlands Development Organization | Nairobi | Kenya

Astrid is a serious and committed person, as well as people oriented. Her spontaneous way of communicating is both pleasant en resolute. She is critical towards herself and others, and reaches her goals with a healthy bit of perfectionism. Nice to work with, I have learned from her and value her today as an expert in the profession we share.
By Mrs Dagmar Heldens | Heldens Loopbaanadvies, training & coaching | The Netherlands

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