International HRM
Organizational culture; cultural context; distance learning & working; communication; expatriates; employment conditions & local labor law

HRM Consultancy & Instruments
Management support; PAPI-i Personality and Preference Inventory; Reflector Big Five; Reflector 360 degrees feedback; CBE scan; Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Organizational development
Strategic review and planning; Organizational structure & chart; Job descriptions

Interim & Project Management
HRM Management; HRM policy & instruments, planning & implementation

Human Resources Development
HRD policy & planning; HRM Capacity Building; Assessment Centre for Development; On-the-job training; Training needs assessment; Training & Learning Programs; Management Development & Training; Induction; Job rotation

Performance & Competency Management
Development, review and (digital) implementation annual cycle; Workshops & Training

Coaching & Career Counseling
Management & employees; work related

Recruitment & Selection
CV selection; Interviews; Contracting; Job hunting & searching

Compensation & Benefits
Salary scales and table; Job grading; Employment conditions; External benchmark; Conform local labor law


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